Collect free coupons and get cashback for purchases.

Explanation of the method of earning and some advices.

Start making money in just 2 simple steps.

This earning method is based on buying products online and testing out free trials. To use this method of earning, you will have to create an account on various online stores, buy the product for which you want to get your money back. Sometimes you don't have to buy anything, just create an account on the online store and sign up to try the company's product for free. You will receive the cashback of your purchase directly to your Zareklamy account after completing the required task. Our system precisely selects products that may interest you based on your demographics and interests.

Your salary depends on the amount you purchase the product or use a free sample. For larger purchases, your Zareklamy cashback amount will be greater. You may be required to provide basic information about yourself when using the free samples. The salary of this method of monetization is 1.00 - $12.00 for each product purchased or trial used.

Choose the method of earning

  1. Sign in to your Zareklamy account.
  2. Click on the menu bar (which is on the top left) and Earn.
  3. Then click the green Earn button, which is below "Online shopping" block.
Browsing websites - Zareklamy Resources | Step 1

There is also an information icon in the graphic on the top right. If you click on it, the block will show you additional information about this method of monetization, e.g., salary, what to do, how to earn efficiently. All information provided in this block is also written here, where you are reading this.

Start shopping online

After clicking the green Earn button, you will see various products and website shops with the pricing about how much cashback you can earn. On the same page you can check the difficulty of the task. 100 points are equivalent to 1 USD in the currency of your Zareklamy account.

We may show you various products and trials (in accordance with the Terms of Services). We use your given demographics and interests to help you choose the products you need the most.

Browsing websites - Zareklamy Resources | Step 2

On the current page, you will see more than 10 active tasks that you must complete to get paid on Zareklamy. These include purchasing the product, testing the free trial, and signing up for a coupon. It is recommended to check the Zareklamy application at least once a day to check whether the cashback has been credited and the funds have appeared on the account. If the task verification team detects that a VPN has been used or some other type of cheating has been committed, the task may be rejected. Any attempted fraud may have a negative impact on your Zareklamy account. The task verification process takes up to 3 business days.

Helpful information

You can check the current status of your purchases or samples on the same page by clicking on the top left in the Menu and then "Status", where you will see the progress of the tasks.

Currently, this monetization method is only available in the Zareklamy app on the App Store and Google Play. For some ads, you only need to enter your personal details, such as: email, first name, last name, contact number to receive a free coupon or trial.

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