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Explanation of the method of earning and some advices.

Start making money in just 2 simple steps.

This earning method is based on completing surveys. To start using this method of earning, you do not need any additional personal skills. All you need to do is dedicate from 5 minutes to 1 hour on completing simple surveys, writing your own answers. After clicking the green Earn button, the survey window will be displayed in a new window where you have to complete it. In surveys, the system accurately considers whether the sentence was written correctly or is consistent with the given question. We will display only surveys based on your interests and demographics. You only fill in what is the most interesting for you.

Your salary depends on the number of written sentences and whether they have quality in them, e.g. are they compatible with the question. You will receive as much as the advertiser will pay for completing the survey. The allowable remuneration for this method of earning is 1.50 - $15.00 for each completed survey.

Choose the method of earning

  1. Sign in to your Zareklamy account.
  2. Click on the menu bar (which is on the top left) and Earn.
  3. Then click the green Earn button, which is below the "Fill out surveys" block.
Filling out surveys - Zareklamy Resources | Step 1

There is also an information icon in the graphic on the top right. If you click on it, the block will show you additional information about this method of monetization, e.g., salary, what to do, how to earn efficiently. All information provided in this block is also written here, where you are reading this.

Start filling out surveys

After clicking the green Earn button, you will see one more big Earn button, and when you click it, the survey will open in a new window. There is no time limit to complete the survey. You must complete it completely to receive the payment. Usually, these are surveys placed on sites such as Google Forms or Survey Monkey.

We may show you surveys with different categories (in accordance with the Terms of Services) - in general social research in a given field, which are to find the answer to the thesis in the survey.

Filling out surveys - Zareklamy Resources | Step 2

Let's say you clicked the green Earn button and you are completing the survey. You will have various questions on it that you simply have to answer. Some may require you to send, for example, a picture of a home pet or the inclusion of a given material. When you answer all the questions, the Finish button should be at the bottom of the survey. After clicking it, the window will close and system checks if everything has been written in accordance with the requirements. If the system thinks there was an error somewhere, then you will see a message saying what was done wrong while completing the survey. All surveys are displayed only on the basis of your personal data, such as interests, age, origin, gender, etc. If the survey is not interesting to you, you can always skip it and start to fill in another one.

Helpful information

In order to earn in this method of earning, you must be able to write less and more elaborate sentences by answering the question in the survey. It's like writing a knowledge test at school.

If you turn off the phone, tablet or computer when completing the survey - do not worry. The survey is automatically saved, and later you can return to it.

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