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Explanation of the method of earning and some advices.

Start making money in just 2 simple steps.

This earning method is based on creating accounts and subscribing to newsletters on various websites. Depending on the task you will have to do, e.g. create an account on the advertised website giving real data about yourself. When subscribing to newsletters, you will most often need to provide your Email address, which you use on Zareklamy or phone number - depending on the advertisement. We will only show you ads based on your interests and demographics. You create an account only where you want. Alternatively, you can skip the website and create an account on another.

Your pay depends on the reliability of information when you create an account or sign up for a newsletter. It is taken into account whether, for example, the given email belongs to your account, origin, gender and contact number. The remuneration for this monetization method is 0.75 - $5.00 from each account you have created or subscription to the newsletter.

Choose the method of earning

  1. Sign in to your Zareklamy account.
  2. Click on the menu bar (which is on the top left) and Earn.
  3. Then click the green Earn button below the "Create accounts, subscribe to newsletters" block.
Creating accounts, subscribing to newsletters - Zareklamy Resources | Step 1

There is also an information icon in the graphic on the top right. If you click on it, the block will show you additional information about this method of monetization, e.g., salary, what to do, how to earn efficiently. All information provided in this block is also written here, where you are reading this.

Start creating accounts and sign up for newsletters

After clicking the green Earn button in a new window you will see a website where you will need to create an account or subscribe to the newsletter - enter your Email or phone number. When creating an account, you will receive detailed instructions about how to create an account. After creating an account, you need to copy the link from the open window to the Zareklamy page. The system will check in a few seconds whether you have really created an account or the data was correctly entered and will tell you what you still need to improve.

We may show you websites with different categories (in accordance with the Terms of Services). Usually, these are companies that want to increase the number of customers on the website.

Creating accounts, subscribing to newsletters - Zareklamy Resources | Step 2

If the website is not interesting you, you can always skip it. All websites are displayed only on the basis of your personal data, such as: interests, age, origin, gender, etc.

Helpful information

You do not need any additional accounts to make money using this monetization method. All you have to do is create an account almost in the same way you did on Zareklamy.

If you have created an account and then entered a link that is considered incorrect by the system, try logging in or creating an account on this website again or even several times. Every ad before it is published on Zareklamy is checked, so it will certainly work for you.

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