Get paid for watching people or pages you may like.

Explanation of the method of earning and some advices.

Start making money in just 2 simple steps.

This earning method is based on browsing websites. To use this method of monetization, you don't need any additional personal skills. All you have to do is watch or browse what is shown in the opened window. You don't have to enter the video or website by yourself - you will be able to open the window immediately after clicking the green Earn button. Our system precisely selects the ads which should you show, based on your interests. You're only looking at what is most interesting to you.

Your salary depends on the time spent during making money. For every minute you see a website you will receive as much as the advertiser paid for each website view from certain person. The salary of this method of monetization is 0.01 - $0.15 for every 1 minute of browsing.

Choose the method of earning

  1. Sign in to your Zareklamy account.
  2. Click on the menu bar (which is on the top left) and Earn.
  3. Then click the green Earn button, which is below "Browse websites" block.
Browsing websites - Zareklamy Resources | Step 1

There is also an information icon in the graphic on the top right. If you click on it, the block will show you additional information about this method of monetization, e.g., salary, what to do, how to earn efficiently. All information provided in this block is also written here, where you are reading this.

Start browsing ads

After clicking the green Earn button, you will be redirected to the final page and one more step is click a green "Start browsing ads" button. Automatically the pop-up window will display a page which you have to watch or browse.

We may show you websites with different categories (in accordance with the Terms of Services) - in general websites advertising their content.

Browsing websites - Zareklamy Resources | Step 2

Let's say you chose Browsing websites method. Then you will be redirected to the final monetization page. On this page, you will see a green button Earn, current account balance and tips which will help your earnings by this method correctly. The only thing you have to do is watching content in the window (which you opened by clicking earn). You can exactly see what are you looking at, pause browsing and see the whole website or eventually skip it if the content is not interesting enough. In the window where you browsing websites, pages will appear automatically - one after one. Any content on websites is displayed based only on your personal information such as: interests, age, origin, gender etc.

Helpful information

In order to earn anything in this method of monetization you must to be active during browsing. After X mins of your non-activity, the window will close and earnings can be deducted. Most important is to make you interested in the website which you actually displaying - other words, grow up your engagement on them.

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