Our main goals

How we develop the company and where are we going.

The roots of the company.

We are committed to create a free platform for people who want to make money remotely.

Providing remote work for everyone

Zareklamy has a variety of paid tasks providing many opportunities for its users. We strive to constantly improve and create unique earning methods and to diversify the platform's offering. Anyone in the world with a mobile device and internet access can earn money on the Zareklamy platform.

Improving skills and creating new ones

Zareklamy helps users develop many skills such as writing, surveying or testing mobile applications. These skills may prove to be useful in the future. Writing can help you become a copywriter, filling out questionnaires - with administrative work, and testing applications with becoming a professional tester.

Building connections with clients and brands

When you earn money on Zareklamy, you don't just watch ads. Users can discover social media profiles, websites, YouTube channels that they have not seen before. In addition, companies want to build relationships with customers who can benefit from their products using the Zareklamy Ads advertising platform.